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Working While Partner Visa is Processing in Australia: What You Need to Know

Congratulations on finding love and wanting to build a future together in Australia! But amidst the excitement, a practical question arises: can you work while your Partner Visa application is being processed?

The answer depends on your current visa status and where you lodge the application (onshore or offshore). Let's explore the different scenarios:

Scenario 1: Applying Onshore (Already in Australia)

If you're already in Australia on a valid visa (visitor visa, student visa, etc.), you might be eligible to work while your Partner Visa is being processed. This is typically granted through a Bridging Visa A (BVA) issued alongside your Partner Visa application.

Key Points about Bridging Visa A:

  • Work Rights:  Generally allows full-time work rights with any employer.

  • Travel Restrictions:  It Allows you to stay in Australia while waiting for a decision on a substantive visa application lodged onshore (in Australia). Does not allow you to re-enter Australia if you leave.

  • Bridging Visa B (BVB): Allows you to stay in Australia and travel outside Australia and come back within a specified period while waiting for a decision on a substantive visa application. BVB can only be granted while you are onshore.

Scenario 2: Applying Offshore (Outside Australia)

If you're outside Australia when you lodge your Partner Visa application, you won't be able to work in Australia until your visa is granted. There are no Bridging Visas with work rights issued for offshore applications.

Important Note:

  • Regardless of your situation, it's crucial to always comply with the conditions of your current visa. Working without proper authorization can have serious consequences.

Seeking Expert Advice:

Partner Visa applications can be complex. To understand your eligibility for work rights while your visa is processing, it's highly recommended to consult a registered migration agent. They can assess your specific circumstances and guide you through the best course of action.

The key point:

While working during Partner Visa processing depends on your situation, there are options for onshore applicants. Remember, seeking professional guidance can ensure you navigate the process smoothly and make informed decisions about your future in Australia.

Ready to take the next step?  Get a head start on your Partner Visa journey. Schedule your free consultation to discuss your eligibility and have all your questions answered.

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