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Partner Visa

Live in Australia with your Partner: The Australian Partner Visa

The Australian Partner Visa is a path for you to build a life in Australia with your partner. It allows you to apply for temporary and permanent residency together.

Leading Edge Migration: Your Partner Visa Partner

At Leading Edge Migration, we understand the challenges of navigating the Partner Visa process. We have extensive experience helping couples overcome obstacles like distance, cultural differences, and language barriers.

Our Personalized Approach to Your Success

We offer personalized guidance and support throughout the entire application process. Our expertise ensures you submit a strong application, increasing your chances of a positive outcome.

Types of Partner Visas

  • Applying within Australia: Subclass 820 (temporary) and Subclass 801 (permanent).

  • Applying outside Australia: Subclass 309 (provisional) and Subclass 100 (migrant).

  • Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300): This visa allows you to enter Australia to marry your fiancé and then apply for a Partner Visa.

Let us help you achieve your dream of living together in Australia. Contact Leading Edge Migration today.

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