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Telling Your Love Story: A Guide to Writing Your Partner Visa Relationship Statement

So, you've found love and want to build a life together in Australia? Congratulations! But before you can clink glasses with your sweetheart under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you'll need to navigate the Partner Visa application process. One crucial aspect is the Relationship Statement, your chance to convince immigration officials of the genuine nature of your bond.

This blog will equip you with the tools to craft a compelling and convincing Relationship Statement.

What is a Relationship Statement?

Think of it as your love story on paper. It's where you detail the development, strength, and future plans of your relationship.

Key Ingredients for a Winning Statement:

  • A Captivating Introduction: Briefly introduce yourselves and the nature of your relationship.

  • The Story of "Us":  Chronologically narrate how you met, the development of your feelings, and significant milestones (first date, moving in together, etc.). Use specific details and dates to create a timeline.

  • Beyond the Honeymoon Phase:  Showcase the depth of your bond by describing shared interests, hobbies, and how you support each other through challenges.

  • The Interwoven Tapestry:   Demonstrate your intertwined lives by mentioning joint finances, shared responsibilities, and future goals together (buying a house, starting a family, etc.).

  • Evidence Speaks Volumes: Support your narrative with concrete evidence like photos, emails, travel documents, or even greeting cards.

Pro Tips for Success:

  • Be Clear and Concise:  Stick to the point while providing enough detail.

  • Write in Your Voice:  Let your personalities shine through. Don't use overly formal language.

  • Proofread with Care: Typos and grammatical errors can create a negative impression.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy:  Don't fabricate details or try to be someone you're not.

  • Seek Help if Needed:  A migration agent can offer guidance and ensure your statement aligns with other application documents.


The Relationship Statement is your chance to showcase the genuineness of your love story. By following these tips and injecting your unique experiences, you can craft a compelling narrative that paves the way for your life together in Australia.

Bonus Tip:

Consider writing the statement together – it can be a fun bonding experience!

Ready to take the next step?  Get a head start on your Partner Visa journey. Schedule your free consultation to discuss your eligibility and have all your questions answered.

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